Review: Lelo Mia 2

Lelo Mia 2The Facts:

- USB Rechargeable
- Waterproof
- Material: ABS Plastic, silicone control buttons
- Multispeed, 6 vibration patterns
- Length: 4 1/2″, Width: 7/8″, Girth: 3″
- Color options: Pink, Rose and Black

My Experience:

I first purchased the Mia 2 as a  birthday present for my best friend (and her first vibrator!) back in July. I was hesitant to buy her something I’d never tested myself before, but I figured Lelo was a pretty safe bet. I picked up another Mia 2 for myself just a few weeks ago (a bit worried about what I would say if I happened to hate it). After several uses, I think Mia 2 is a pretty decent.

My favorite thing is that Mia is USB rechargeable. That means I don’t have to go untangling the mess of chargers and hunting for the right one whenever the battery dies. Just pop off the cap and stick it in my laptop. How I wish more of my toys were this convenient! I also like that it’s waterproof since it makes cleaning that much easier.

Where Mia 2 fell short for me was the power of the vibrations. I know I’ve been spoiled by my Tango and that has raised my expectations for luxury toys. Mia’s vibrations aren’t nearly as powerful as the Tango’s and they felt much buzzier to me. I think I like Mia 2 better for pinpoint stimulation (using the very tip of the toy), but it won’t be dethroning my favorite vibrator anytime soon. Mia 2 is good enough to bring me to orgasm, but it serves more as a back-up toy than anything I’ll seek out for a masturbation session.

Mia 2 has a few different vibration patterns in addition to multiple speed settings, but I haven’t used the patterns much because I find them too difficult to access while I’m using the toy (the control panel isn’t very easy to use when you don’t see the +/- in front of you). Still, if you’re looking for a vibration with a variety of settings/functions, Mia might be just right for you.

Unfortunately, my friend told me last week that her Mia 2 just suddenly stopped functioning after about 4 months of use. It’s still under warranty, but it really didn’t last as long as I imagined. This makes me wonder how reliable my own Mia 2 will be in the long run, but I don’t see myself using it frequently enough to care. (On the bright side, this did give me an excuse to get her a We-Vibe Salsa as a replacement, can’t leave a girl without a vibrator.)

On a final note, as superficial as it may be, I think I would actually like the Mia 2 a lot more if there were more color options available. Light pink, dark pink and black doesn’t offer a whole lot of variety. If it were orange or turquoise I’d probably be dying to fish it out of my toy box more often.


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