Review: Tantus Rocket

Tantus RocketThe Facts:

- 100% pure silicone
- Length: 5.5″
- Width: 1.4″
- Girth: 4.25″
- multicolored (yay!)
- flared base, harness compatible, anal safe

My experience:

I was initially drawn to the Rocket because of its bright colors and because the size seemed somewhat similar to the Mark O2 (my favorite). Since I seem to have acquired quite a few toys that are slightly too large for me, I’ve been looking for more around this size range and my undying love for rainbow toys made the Rocket a perfect choice.

I don’t know what happened, but my first experience with the Rocket was a little disappointing. The Rocket is a toy with average girth (for me), no texture and no curving. It’s simple, straight and smooth without any fancy bells or whistles. On our first test together, it just wasn’t working no matter what I tried. I was horrified that I might have encountered the first Tantus toy I would shun and sadly stored it away in favor of one of my tried-and-true friends.

The next day I brought out the Rocket again and this time I was determined to succeed with it. I put away all other distractions and it was just me, Rocket and some good porn. And this time it worked. It didn’t take any warming up or clitoral stimulation, just the Rocket alone was enough to bring me to orgasm. There might not have been anything particularly remarkable about the experience, but it was good – and it’s been good ever since. I don’t know what went wrong that first time.

While I don’t picture myself ever craving this toy like some of my others, this is where it shines: using with my partner. We’re just starting to use toys together and there are many I would be afraid to hand over to him right now. The Rocket is a safe bet: I don’t need to warm up before using it, I’m not afraid of it hitting me in the wrong places and IT WORKS. (Bonus points for being cute and colorful!)

Finally, with a sigh of relief, I can say the Tantus Rocket is good to me and it’s found its purpose in my toy box. This is why all toys deserve second chances.

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