Review: We-Vibe Tango


The Facts:

- Tango is a plastic, rechargeable, waterproof, clitoral vibe.
- It’s 3.5″ long, with a diameter of 3/4″ and a 2″ circumference.
- It’s available in pink, purple and blue.
- It has four different speed settings and four different vibration patterns.
- It comes with it’s own travel pouch.

My Experience:

Tango is my favorite toy. That’s right: My favorite. I never thought there would come a day when I would find a single toy that would rise above all others (and put many to shame), but here it is: the We-Vibe Tango. I use it almost daily and I can confidently say I will never look back mockingly at those words.

Tango has strong, rumbly vibrations that feel amazing. The vibrations are so good that it hardly requires any movement on my part, I can just press it against my clit and it does everything else for me. That’s my favorite thing about this toy: I can sit back and enjoy the ride – and it’ll never complain about doing all the work.

I mostly use this toy on its second and third speed settings, occasionally switching it up to the highest speed to finish off quickly. The first setting isn’t quite strong enough for me and  I’ve never been a big fan of vibrations patterns, but they do still feel pretty damn good.

Tango is also my usual travel vibe. It’s small enough to tuck into any corner of my suitcase, discreet enough that it doesn’t draw any attention to itself and quiet enough that it could easily be mistaken for my cell phone on vibrate. There isn’t any way to lock it so it could potentially get turned on in transit, but this has never happened to me (yet) and the little button appears to be extremely difficult to press accidentally.

The one thing that could potentially be improved would be something like a small silicone grip at the end. If you use lube while masturbating Tango gets slippery and hard to hold down after a short while. Aside that one little thing, Tango is essentially everything I’ve ever wanted from a vibrator.

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